Functions of the Department


  • To implement and enforce the Biosafety Act;

  • To be the secretariat and the operational arm of the National Biosafety Board (NBB);

  • To be the secretariat of the Genetic Modification Advisory Committee (GMAC) and committees/sub-committees established under the NBB and GMAC;

  • To monitor all activities relating to living modified organism (LMO) and products of such organism;

  • To provide a platform for consultation with various parties in order to formulate and  update policies, laws and guidelines related to biosafety;

  • Coordinate and integrate the efforts taken by Federal Government agencies and State  and Non-Government Organizations and the Modern Biotechnology Industries related to biosafety issues;

  • Build strategic partnerships with relevant agencies within and outside the country in the field of biosafety;

  • Establish mechanisms to facilitate the collection, storage and dissemination of data related to biosafety;

  • Help the Government to formulate the country’s stand on the issues of biosafety at international forums; and

  • Increasing public awareness on biosafety.